Tim Danahey Show conference interviews with Sibella Kraus and Michael Shuman

(00:00) The Catamount Institute’s Colorado Sustainability Conference shines lights on local economies and environmental stewardship. They take these lessons and incorporate them into programs to get outside and interact and appreciate nature. Like Thoreau, the Catamount Institute uses the outdoors for its classrooms. Listen to Christopher Aaby describe a remarkable organization.

(05:30) Each dollar spent in your local economy is 2.6X better for you than spending at a global or national retailer. There are ways that additional growth can be realized if we also redirect a portion of our investments into the local economy. Author Michael Schuman explains.

(26:30) Agricultural land proximate to urban areas is disappearing due to ill-considered growth. Sibella Kraus of SAGE tells why agricultural land is environmentally, socially, and economically vital for livable communities.

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