What is THE most important thing we can do in our community?

… to provide opportunity, income, and security – and to reduce the growing load carried by local charities? And what if it helps revitalize our downtown and rebuild our regional economy – and, because it involves food, it’s something that everyone can rally around? Because you’ve identified yourself as someone who cares about shaping a […]

Dear Farmer, Thank You … one day I will be a Girl Farmer then I can be like you.

Download, Print & Distribute “I will be a Girl Farmer” Flyer 8″x11″ Download, Print & Distribute “I will be a Girl Farmer” Buck Slip 3.5″x8.5″ Dear Friends of the Colorado Springs Public Market Project, We share a letter from a young girl who lives in the Pikes Peak region. Her mother sent it to us […]

GIVE! Colorado Springs Public Market

Dear Market Friend, Well, the Big Day is finally here. November 1. What, you say – I though Halloween was yesterday? Yes it was … and we hope you and your ghouls had a spooky fun time … but today brings us the official launch of the 2013 Indy GIVE! campaign Yeah, yeah, you say, […]