Public Markets Support Diversity

Public Markets are known to Bring Together Diverse People

According to Project for Public Spaces, Public Markets are often the most socially diverse public places in a community, bringing people of different ages, genders,  ethnicity, and socio-economic status together around the experiences of food, shopping, music and conversation. Right now our city is highly separated from one another. There are often designations around the areas people live in town.

The Public Market seeks to engage all people in our community market. We also want to provide a place for tourists to visit. One issue that needs to be addressed is the transportation system. According to the Colorado Visitors Center, the first question often asked by tourists is “Where can I catch the bus to . . .”. While transportation is not the mission of the Public Market Project we are working with the Streetcar Foundation to ensure that we cover various ways to approach the Market.

  • If there is anything that Colorado Springs needs to do is highlight it’s diversity.