Public Markets Promote Health!

Public Markets are known to Promote Public Health.

“Growing food and non-food crops in and near cities contributes to healthy communities by engaging residents in work and recreation that improves individual and public well being.” Not only does the Public Market seek to provide good food, our goal is to educate the public through classes, community gardens, as well as other opportunities to engage in healthy lifestyles.

Walkability is one factor in the research on the best location site for the Market. In addition, the community market needs to be accessible for people of all socio-economic groups. To have a healthy community, the entire community must have access to healthy food. The Public Market will work to ensure that everyone in our community feels welcome and can be served. Finally, we seek to engage with our health nonprofits and providers to assist in educating the public on the importance of good food, fun physical movement as well as emotional and mental health issues.

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