Public Markets Create Community Gathering Places.

Public Markets are known to Create Active Public Space.

The group, Project for Public Spaces  talked with customers at eight public markets across the US to find out what appealed to them about shopping at a market. The top response? The Public Market brought people in the community together. There is a different energy in places where people enjoy being while they shop, eat or simply hang out with friends.

At the Easton Market in Pennsylvania, twelve Festival days bring in 5,000 visitors a year. Festival days, in addition to the energy/feeling the market gives off, make a huge impact.

“We find that, unlike the typical market that draws from a 5-10 mile radius, we draw from as far as 50 miles. People love Easton Market for the sense of community it embodies.” Megan McBride, Executive Director. Please note the population in Easton is only 26,995!

The Colorado Springs Public Market radius includes many urban, suburban and rural areas that the Market seeks to connect.

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