Public Markets Create a “Third Place”

Public Markets Create a “Third Place.”

As never before since the technological age began, people are leaving behind standard office and work environments. Whether this transition is due to downsizing or lay-offs from companies, or due to pursuit of self-employment, or even because employers realize that flex options help their bottom line, people are seeking a place that fits their needs. Co-working environments are springing up in cities around the country as our fun outdoor venues for working. As often as not, you’ll find your local coffee shop filled with people meeting to discuss business. This has become what many call the “third place”. This third place is a spot that welcomes you, makes you feel good when you visit, and is easily accessible to your home or workplace. Outside of business, people are seeking that special place that they can go that provides an experience and energy they can’t get anywhere else.

Where’s your third place?

What do we need to do to create that third place at the Colorado Springs Public Market?

Farmers markets are “sites of informal association in that they bring together disparate groups, exposing them to distinct interactions, renewing community spirit, and reconstituting public spaces by producing fluid places that promote interaction, level social hierarchies, and encourage experimentation.” Alphonso Morales of the University of Wisconsin-Madison



  • We talk a lot about the CSPM being an economic engine for downtown but it can also be the heartbeat of the downtown community.