Public Markets Bring Renewal.

Public Markets are known to Renew Downtowns & Neighborhoods.

Public Markets often become the heart and soul of a downtown or neighborhoods. They provide the area with an attraction where the community and travelers want to congregate. They infuse the area surrounding it with energy and social and economic activity. Mayor Bach has pledged to work toward a downtown renaissance. Right now our downtown is a food desert. In order to bring in new development of residential units as well as a vital business and retail sector, our downtown needs a Public Market.

“Public Markets are potent job creators.”

In 1977, the Federal Office of Technological Assessment (O.T.A.) conducted an audit of a $6,000,000 federal grant award to Seattle’s Pike Place Market from the Economic Development Administration (E.D.A.).

The EDA concluded that the Public Market renovation was the most successful community economic development project in the history of the U.S., at turning one time capital support, into long term, permanent, well-paying jobs.” Aaron Zaretsky, Consultant, Public Market Development and prior Executive Director of Seattle’s Pike Place.

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