Public Markets are Affordable for Everyone

Public Markets are Affordable for Everyone.


A report put out by the USDA noted:

Consumers who value high-quality foods produced with low environmental impact are willing to pay more for locally produced food. Several studies have explored consumer preferences for locally produced food. Motives for “buying local” include perceived quality and freshness of local food and support for the local economy. Consumers who are willing to pay higher prices for locally produced foods place importance on product quality, nutritional value, methods of raising a product and those methods’ effects on the environment, and support for local farmers.

Why must higher prices equate to quality food? The CS Public Market Project recognizes that everyone in the community needs access to healthy food. Socio-economic status should not be the measure of who can eat good food and who cannot. As such, the greatest impact on cost is due to transportation and other areas that affect pricing. The more costs involved, the more of an up-charge on product is required for growers and producers to make a living wage. Our goal is to provide accessible, quality food for all incomes in the community. This works through EBT and SNAP acceptance in the Market, research into other methodologies to assist food buyers, and by including items that appeal to all income levels.

What do you think can be done to make quality fresh food accessible and affordable to everyone in the community?

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