Market Buzz – Is This Thing Really for Real?

01-16-13 at the Olive Branch

(Task Force Meeting – January 16, 2013)
An enthusiastic group of more than 50 public market advocates gathered at the Olive Branch to learn about Task Force initiatives to date, meet various Task Force volunteers, and find out how to sign on to make this project a reality for Colorado Springs. A quick pass around the room for introductions highlighted a broad spectrum of community talents and interests, including potential vendors, advocates for innovative urban living, “buy local” proponents, community builders, and interested citizens.

Facilitated by Task Force co-chairs Vikki Walton and Ken Brickman, the group heard about feedback from a preliminary vendor interest survey, legal considerations for the yet-to-be-formed entity, location priorities and preferences, and the big picture about how this project truly needs to be of, by and for the entire community – to grow and succeed over the long term.

The next step is formation of a steering committee and actual named enterprise, as well as putting in place a memorandum of understanding with Care and Share, who will serve as the market’s fiscal agent for the short term.

As ever, please send us your comments, suggestions and requests for connection – we’ll do our best to keep you in loop, and deploy your talents and resources to advance our public market! And check the calendar to keep tabs on upcoming meetings and other events.