GIVE! Colorado Springs Public Market

IndyGiveLogoDear Market Friend,

Well, the Big Day is finally here. November 1.

What, you say – I though Halloween was yesterday? Yes it was … and we hope you and your ghouls had a spooky fun time … but today brings us the official launch of the 2013 Indy GIVE! campaign

Yeah, yeah, you say, I know all about GIVE. Who the heck is Carmella, and why does she need my help? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

At CSPMP, we’ve been up to our ears in GIVE! preparations for several months now. It’s truly a privilege for us to participate as a new organization, and now it’s time to drive it all home.

CrmellaGot it, you say. But what’s up with Carmella, for Pete’s sake?

Getting there – but first, some essential business to cover. Here it is: We need you and yours to make a GIVE! donation to the Colorado Springs Public Market Project It’s easy, it’s fast, and – as the saying goes – you’ll feel better once you’ve done it.

Carmella will be delighted. (So will we.) She might even crack a real smile. (We definitely will.) But she has miles to go before she sleeps …

And we just have to put this out there. We’ll be asking early – actually, we already have. And we’ll be asking often. We’re counting on you to do what you can, and most importantly, help us reach new friends with news about the Public Market.

So please, share this email and encourage your family and friends to jump in with us. The GIVE! campaign makes it simple, fun and rewarding to donate to a bunch of deserving local nonprofits – did we mention the rewards?

Carmella loves the rewards …

Ok, so here’s the deal with Carmella. She’s been stuck out on a table at tonight’s GIVE! launch party, the Masquerade at the Pinery. Just like a piece of cheesecake. As if it’s not bad enough that she looks like Johnny Depp after a third-world (substance-abusing? poseur?) plastic surgeon got done with him. Or was attacked by some devious GMO bacteria that will haunt her family with blindness and facial paralysis for generations to come. Does she even have any hair?

There’s only one way to find out. Get there tonight to rescue her – tickets are still available. But if Halloween took all you’ve got – we’ll miss you, but we understand. Just cozy up to your keyboard instead, and share a little love with the Public Market.

Thanks for your support,
The Colorado Springs Public Market Team

P.S. Stay tuned for an update on Carmella – who will save her?