Dear Farmer, Thank You … one day I will be a Girl Farmer then I can be like you.

Download, Print & Distribute “I will be a Girl Farmer” Flyer 8″x11″
Download, Print & Distribute “I will be a Girl Farmer” Buck Slip 3.5″x8.5″


Dear Friends of the Colorado Springs Public Market Project,

We share a letter from a young girl who lives in the Pikes Peak region. Her mother sent it to us this summer. Kids have a way of saying so much in very straight forward ways. We encourage you to share this to all your family, friends and associates and ask them to please consider a $10 donation to the Public Market Project in the name of their child, niece, nephew or grandchild via IndyGive!.

Making sure that we have locally owned family farms in the Pikes Peak region, Colorado and across America is important for all the generations that follow us.

Warm Regards,
Andrew Hershberger
Board Member
Colorado Springs Public Market Project