Colorado Springs Public Market Marketing

Task Force ‘5 Ws’ Brand Platform Survey

A initial primary objective of the CSPM Marketing Task Force is to develop a ‘Brand Platform’ to then create a Strategic Marketing Plan and Brand Messaging. This begins with answering the ‘5 Ws’; Who, What, Where, Where, When. The intent is to establish a core profile and starting point, around which we can coalesce and move forward. It is important to recognize that intent is not to ‘lock down’ or stifle further discussion or development of what the Colorado Springs Public Market will be – but rather to make sure we are building the CS Public Market “brand” upon the strongest common understanding among this initial group, as opportunities arise to tell the story more broadly.

Please provide your responses to these basic questions, no matter how obvious they may seem. A strong brand and brand messaging answers all these questions for target markets who don’t have any context of pre-existing frame of reference. We ask that you answer these questions individually without consultation of other CSPM Steering Committee members.

Time frame to complete questionnaire Feb 6th for discussion on Feb 8th.

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1.) Who Is The Colorado Springs Public Market? 

2.) What Is The Colorado Springs Public Market?

3.) Where Will the Colorado Springs Public Market Be?

4.) Why Do We Want/Need A Public Market?

5.) When Will The Colorado Springs Public Market Happen?