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What if … we had a downtown public market in Colorado Springs, open all year, in a landmark indoor-outdoor facility, to serve the entire community with locally grown and produced food and related goods? And why not build in flexible space for arts, entertainment, education, wellness, even business incubation? The big concept: a focal point and gathering place defined and enriched by the community it serves … to express the best of what we do right here, while meeting genuine demand for local food commerce, connections and culture.

Who is the Colorado Springs Public Market?

The Colorado Springs Public Market is a collaboration of community-focused producers, business professionals, downtown advocates, sustainability experts, and consumers – committed to creating a year-round, multi-purpose downtown public market for locally produced food, and related products and services. People, products, purpose and place – passionately aligned to grow a dynamic downtown destination.

What is the Colorado Springs Public Market?

The Colorado Springs Public Market is a central public venue for independent local producers of food, clothing, artisanal and other goods, and consumers to come together for market exchange, community activities, social interaction, recreation, education and entertainment. It’s a gathering place that builds community by serving and embodying genuine local values and integrity, and creates opportunities for local-centric economic growth and connection.

Where is the Colorado Springs Public Market?

The Colorado Springs Public Market will be in the heart of the city, to reflect the community’s history and aspirations – at a location chosen for easy access, visibility, urban renewal opportunity and proximity to green space and other anticipated attractions.

Why do we need a public market in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs needs a public market to unify the community on many levels – to facilitate genuine local commerce, to make downtown living feasible, attractive and healthy, to provide a physical gathering place that evokes heritage, to be an immediate and accessible economic catalyst that’s driven by local production, to express local flavor in both food and culture, to become a landmark that offers ongoing utility and relevance to every member of the community.

When will the Colorado Springs Public Market happen?

The Colorado Springs Public Market grows from broad-based community participation and an enlightened approach to development. It happens as soon as hard and soft forces come together – public, civic and private endorsement, best location determined, funds committed, concurrent development underway. It can be a scalable, phased process where construction begins as early as Winter 2015.

How will the Colorado Springs Public Market happen?

This public market concept enjoys great and growing momentum; immediate next steps include entity formation, completion of feasibility work (including site), sign-on by public/private champions, and fundraising launch for seed capital.

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