Public Market Concept

CSPMP Executive Summary - Download PDF (click image)

CSPMP Executive Summary
(click image to download PDF)

The Public Market Paradigm

The idea of creating a public market in Colorado Springs receives a ready welcome at every turn. As a ‘big-tent’ destination where local producers and consumers gather, the concept is not new; there are many examples of thriving public markets around the United States. In fact, public markets are at the heart of many of the world’s healthiest and most economically robust communities.

The CSPMP Steering Committee convened to shape this market concept and respond to real demand for healthy, local food, for home-grown business opportunities, for a multi-purpose venue and gathering place, for more efficient distribution of local products, with intent to ensure true viability for, and benefit from, such a market going forward. Looking at the big picture, the market will play an integral role in momentum for downtown revitalization. A successful public market will be:

  • A foundational partner for residential development, and a natural draw for additional retail, entertainment and recreation.
  • A recurring destination for locals, and a must-visit attraction for visitors.
  • An extension of our active, health-oriented profile to include healthy food resources.
  • An essential asset for attracting young professionals.
  • A complement to arts, health and wellness, and entrepreneurial artisan communities.
  • A building block for greater food security and quality, reducing reliance on food transported long distances, compressing time from harvest to table, and minimizing processing of what we consume.