10 Vendor List Type Survey

The CS Public Market should establish a permanent set of “Core Vendors” that will act as anchors to other activities or offerings of the community market place.

These Core Vendors will establish a known quantity of available goods (or services) that patrons can count on always being available. Seasonal and trending or temporary vendors will supplement the experience, but it is important for the success of the business that the buying public can count on certain goods and services to always be there.

This will fulfill the “Right Mix & Right Vendor” need statements of the “What Makes a Successful Market”.

Please provide a list of 10 vendor types that you believe will make a successful Public Market in Downtown Colorado Springs. This can be a general business type such as ‘Butcher Shop’ or ‘Cheese Monger’ or it can be product specific such as ‘coffee’ or ‘spices’.

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